Horne TMV

Relates to: Washroom

Item Part No. Spare Part

4 - 6 91042NZ Horne 1502 Service "O" ring kit 

8 91043NZ Thermostat Element

9 91076NZ Slide Valve Assembly

10 91206NZ Return Spring

11 91202NZ Baffle tube

13 91020NZ Slide Valve Seal 

15 91042NZ *Coupling Seal

19 91073NZ Strainer Basket - Old Style

19 99109NZ Strainer Basket - New Style

20 91042NZ *Cap Seal

22 91160NZ Inlet & Filter Assy - Large Handle - New or Short

22 91212NZ Inlet & Filter Assy - Small Handle - Old or Long

91042NZ Seal Kit - complete

91075NZ Flushing Kit - Old Style

91182NZ Flushing Kit - New Style

91091NZ Seal Removal Tool Kit

91183NZ Lapping Mandrel

91139NZ Test plugs Horne

91156NZ Horne TMV Bracket

99332NZ 20mm Copper Pipe & Union + Test Plug

91087NZ Horne 20 "O" ring service kit

91198NZ Horne 20 H2002 Thermostat Element

91099NZ Horne 20 H2003 Thermostat Element

91083NZ Horne 20 Slide Valve Seal

91166NZ Horne 25 Slide Valve "O" ring kit

90156NZ T/Elements PKT of 15

91164NZ Slide valves PKT of 10

91058NZ Slide valve seals pkt of 10

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