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Zenith Experiment 1 - Can Drinking Water Help You Dodge a Bullet?

Scientific research suggests that regularly drinking H20 can have some surprising benefits. Through a series of thought provoking experiments, we’re going to explore the new science of water. Can drinking enough water make us faster? Smarter? Less stressed?

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Zenith Experiment 2 - Can Water Help You Survive the Party from Hell?

Could water be the best solution for a stressful situation? A team of French researchers think so. In 2014 they locked 56 “willing” participants into a study centre. For the first three days their water consumption was tightly monitored. Then the research team started to mess with the daily ration of H20...

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Zenith Experiment 3 - Water Focuses the Mind

Sports scientists have long known that water is essential in all aspects of physical performance. A dehydrated athlete who drinks just 200 mils of water can expect to have their physical powers boosted by as much as 20%, but what about their brain power? Can water make us more alert, and better able to concentrate?

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3 surefire ways to tell your kid is dehydrated

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