How do I locate my serial number and model number?

Relates to: Zenith HydroTap G4

User Guide
The quickest way to obtain these details will be to refer to your User Guide, which will have a sticker on the front cover.

The serial number starts with the manufacture year and is normally located underneath the barcode.

The model number is a 13 digit number that appears at the top of the label.

LCD screen from the Zenith Water system

You can also find your product serial number through your system menu.
1. Press the [MENU] button for main menu.

2. Press [Info] button to view the product serial number and other key information.


3. Press [Product Info] to view the product information.

4. On the Product Registration form, use the Serial No for the Product Serial Number and use the Product No for the Model Number on the online form.

5. Press [<=] button for the previous menu or press [Home] button to return to the home screen.

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