How to Change the Filter on Zenith HydroTap G4?

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How to change the filter on a Zenith G4 HydroTap?

Your Zenith HydroTap will notify you when the filter replacement is due. The change filter light will flash white once per minute until the filter has been replaced, and the filter percentage will show 0% on the Home screen.

Note: Grab an empty bucket to collect the water which will be flushed through the system and a towel to mop up any spills.

Step 01: Select [MENU] then [Install] and [Filter Flush].

Step 02: Open the filter access door on the front of the HydroTap Command Centre. You will see the filter cartridge in front of you.

Step 03: Reach to the rear right hand side of the cartridge and you’ll find a flush line (looks like a hose) which is around 60cm long and will be sealed with a stop valve at the end of the hose. Place the free end of the flush line into the empty bucket or container. Turn the stop valve open in-line with the hose to relieve the pressure out of the filter line. At this point no water should be passing through the filter flush hose so you are okay to proceed.

If you get water passing at this stage , check your screen is in filter flush . If you get water passing and you haven’t started the flush call Zenith for assistance.

Step 04: Gently hold the filter cartridge then press the red lever at the top right of the unit and rotate the cartridge a quarter turn to the left. The unit should detach and you should be able to pull it free in a downwards motion. Some water may drip from the cartridge at this point. Be sure to keep the cartridge level and wipe up any spills. (image showing red lever and unit rotating to the left then pulling down), (add arrow for direction of turn, arrow pointing to the left), (add arrow pointing to red release button).

Step 05: Place spent cartridge in the sink or other suitable container.

Step 06: Unpack your replacement cartridge and remove the sanitary cap. Write today’s date where shown on the label. Ensure you avoid touching the O-rings or filter opening as this can cause bacterial contamination of the cartridge. (image showing O-rings and filter opening, not required).

Step 07: Slightly moisten the O-rings with regular tap water and line up the front cartridge label to the left. (image showing the unit with label to the left).

Step 08: Gently but firmly push the cartridge up into the filter head and turn a quarter-turn to the right – as far as it will go without forcing it. The cartridge should now be locked in position with the front label facing forward. At this point the filter should not be able to be removed unless the red lever is pushed. (image showing cartridge in correct position), add directional arrow pointing to the right for filter rotation.

Step 09: Ensure the hose is securely in the bucket or sink and open the [Filter Flush] screen on the menu. Press [Start] to begin the flush process. Ensure you run at least 10-litres of water through to flush the filter. You may see some carbon in the water in the initial stages of filter flush – this is perfectly normal. (image showing Filter Flush and Start buttons).

Step 10: Press [Stop] to end the filter flush process. Water should stop passing through the hose.

Step 11: Turn the stop valve on the flush hose OFF by rotating the lever until it is 90° to the hose. Then place the hose back into the filter compartment. (image showing stop cock OFF).

Step 12: Press the [Back] button to go back to the install screen. (images showing back arrow and home buttons).

Step 13: Select [Reset Filter] then press [Reset Internal Filter] and your HydroTap will reset the filter counter and record the date the filter was changed into the memory in the filter change log in the information screen. Your filter change is now complete. Press [Home] and the display will revert to the home screen. (image showing [Reset Internal Filter] button).

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