Buying a Zenith HydroTap? The ultimate how-to guide

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Learn about our HydroTap range to help choose the right tap for you. We offer 10 styles and 7 ultra-modern finishes to suit any kitchen design.

G5 HydroTap Matte Black

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Walk through our HydroTap selector and choose your ideal water combination, your preferred tap design and finally your tap finish to see what’s right for you.

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Check your cupboard space

Our HydroTap systems require a certain amount of space under the bench. This is for the command centre as well as clear space around the command centre for ventilation.

Air cooled systems such as Zenith HydroTap work most efficiently when appropriate ventilation is used as part of the installation process.

Once you know which HydroTap is for you, refer to the product specifications for exact dimensions and space requirements.

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Visit your nearest store

Go into your nearest showroom to see our range in person- have a play with the tap, review the finishes and ask any questions you might have.

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Zenith certified technician

Zenith certified installation

For ultimate peace of mind, choose a Zenith certified installation and access our skilled service technicians to install and set up your HydroTap so you can start enjoying instant pure-tasting water as soon as possible. Our certified installation comes with a 12-month warranty for workmanship.