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Zenith Rental Benefits

A Zenith Rental Plan delivers boiling, chilled and sparkling, clear filtered water in your office for an easy, fixed quarterly rate. All costs are spread over a 3, 4 or 5 year term. Filters, parts and maintenance by Zenith’s nation-wide fleet of trained service technicians are covered in your fixed rate quarterly payment, all-inclusive and interest free.

Zenith Rental is 100% tax deductible and tailored to suit every budget. There’s no upfront costs or capital outlay, so there’s no depreciation in value.
Start enjoying all the health benefits of Zenith without the hassles. To find out how a Zenith Rental Plan can work for you, contact a Zeith representative on freecall 0800 558 055.

Peace of mind… and body. That’s the Zenith Effect.

The Zenith Effect on Your Business

Crystal clear, filtered water and coffee in an instant means happier staff and sharper minds, but the benefits don’t end there. A Zenith Rental agreement provides fewer constraints on cash flow and it’s 100% tax deductible with no invoicing or purchase orders.

The cost of your Zenith equipment, installation & maintenance by Zenith’s nation-wide fleet of trained service technicians is spread across the length of your 3,4 or 5 year term. And if you move to a new location, Zenith will relocate your unit for minimal cost. 

Better business through smarter water. That’s the Zenith Effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel during my rental period?
A Zenith Rental agreement is a fixed term contract. If you choose to cancel your contract you will have to pay the balance on your Zenith equipment.

How are payments made?
Payments can be made via Direct Debit, Credit Card or Cheque. 

What finance company do you use?
Zenith offers an in house credit solution, so you will only ever deal with us.

Will I need insurance?
All rented equipment must be insured through your insurance provider.

If you have a question about Zenith products or a Zenith Rental agreement, contact a Zenith representative on freecall 0800 558 055

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End of Term Options

End of term options ensure that you always have access to the newest and most technologically advanced Zenith products.

At the end of your rental term, you can choose to keep your existing equipment at your current rental rate, trade it in and upgrade to the newest Zenith models and designs, or return your equipment to Zenith, no questions asked.

Zenith Rental - Terms & Conditions

View our Rental Plan terms and conditions here

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