Touch-Free Washrooms - Taking Hygiene to the Next Level

Communal washrooms require specialist products to deal with the large number of people coming through and the hygienic challenges this presents. By using touch-free products, such as infrared taps, automatic hand dryers and touch-free flushing, not only does it assist in keeping the bathroom clean, it helps stop the spread of germs and viruses.

Vandal Proof and Built to Last

High-traffic washrooms and those available to the public require equipment that is built to last and able to handle constant use. Heavy-duty construction means Zenith's washroom solutions are specially designed to be vandal-proof.

Zenith. The World Leader in Water Efficiency.

Reduce costs and water wastage with six-star WELS water ratings and economical flow rates – an important feature in a country where every drop counts.

Zenith AquaSense - The Touch-Free Sensor Tap

A popular choice in washrooms worldwide, the AquaSense touch-free tap offers superior hygiene, reduces water wastage and is built to deal with heavy traffic demands. The automatic sensor is positioned to prevent accidental activation and the nozzle gives a higher cleansing capacity at a low flow rate. Team with Zenith instantaneous hot water products, and Horne™ thermostatic mixing valves for water temperature control.

Zenith FlushMaster - The Automatic Touch-Free Urinal Flushing System

This urinal flushing system has been designed to offer high levels of hygiene as well as producing significant water savings. With a wide beam sensor technology, the Zenith FlushMaster is the perfect solution for all long slab troughs and wall-hung urinals.

Zenith FlushMaster - The Automatic Touch-Free Toilet Pan Flushing System

Toilet Pan flushing system has been designed to offer high levels of hygiene and vandal resistance. The Zenith FlushMaster Toilet Pan Flushing system is the perfect solution for any public washroom.

Horne Thermostatic Mixing Valves for Accurate Water Temperature Control

Over 80 years of research and development has been incorporated into the latest range of Horne Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s). So you can be sure that all Horne TMV’s deliver accurate and reliable temperature control for baths, showers and touch-free taps.

Zenith Touch-Free Hand Dryers - Make Washroom Hygiene a Priority 1

With Zenith SuperDry, award winning design will complement any washroom and it features both hand and face drying model, you can be sure there is a Zenith touch-free hand dryer to suit your washroom requirements.

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