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Communal washrooms require specialist products to keep up with the demands of a busy workplace while maintaining hygiene at high standards.

Zenith's premium touch-free washroom solutions, such as infrared taps and touch-free flushing, will assist in keeping the washroom environment clean and help to prevent the spread of common infections such as colds, flu, gastroenteritis and viruses such as novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Touch Free Infrared Taps 

Touch-free Infrared Taps

Water efficiency with improved hygiene

Zenith AquaSense touch-free infrared taps are designed to deliver water at 3.5 litres per minute and are rated with a six-star WELS water rating. The Aquasense range of taps comes with the option of a cascade or aggressive spray pattern aerator at this low flow rate. Designed for public use, these sensor taps are vandal resistant.

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Zenith Automatic Touch-free Urinal Flushing Systems

For single-stall or single-trough urinals

The Zenith FlushMaster Solo is a narrowbeam (<300mm) infrared sensor that saves water by providing automatic flushing for single wall mounted discrete urinals. It is also an ideal solution for trough installations since ceiling mounted sensors over troughs can accommodate more users than wall mounted urinal solutions. It can also be used to retro fit existing systems.

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